Your Video Department

WVA is built on top of our network and platform Wooshii.com. This provides you with global production base and a world of creative choice. It allows you to deliver everything from Documentaries to Animated Ads, Drone to 360 video.


Your Global Production Department

Production teams in every corner of the globe

The WVA model allows you to build out a global and scalable video operation. By plugging us into your teams we allow you to have centralised production unit on a global scale. This saves you money and time and drives consistency across your videos. It makes it easy to deliver videos across your organisation.


Your Dedicated Team

To look after your every need. All our customers are looked after by at least one Production Manager. Your production manager is your point of contact and the person who will ensure the delivery of your projects. WVA provide two levels of service.

Dedicated Production Manager/s all managing your project and the supporting production teams.


Our video specialist/s inside your building working alongside your team. Supported by our WVA production managers and the wider Wooshii network.

$From – 4500 pm

the WVA PRoduction process

WVA is set up in order to make scaling a video operation easy and effecient.

What does a production manager do?

The production manager will manage schedules, maintain brand guides, source teams and, in short, ensure everything is delivered on time and on budget. The production managers are there to free up your time and remove you from the day to day of managing productions, creatives and suppliers.

What type of productions can WVA cover?

The Wooshii network means WVA can supply almost any form of production. From 360 video to drone footage, live action Youtube ads to animated explainer videos. You name it we can make it. The only real limitation is your imagination. For some examples see the list below

What is the process and timeline for making a video?

All our productions are scoped against a specific timeline with clear milestones and review points. If you have an urgent project then no problem. Just talk to your Production Manager or WVA Rep about our accelerated production program. A typical project is outlined here. –

The Mixed Media Process



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