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P&G Digital Marketing

March Pritchard, Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer told the ANA conference in Florida that it is time to “disrupt this archaic ‘Mad Men’ model, and that agencies should strip away anything that doesn’t add to creative output. 

#videoinspiration – Most viewed ads of 2017

Feel that your video strategy can be summed up as vox clamens in deserto? Here’s a selection of videos and tips from brands who created videos people actually wanted to watch in 2017. What does it take to be one of the best – as in, most watched, liked and shared – YouTube ads of 2017?

Great videos to support your sales effort

Is it time to breathe new life into your sales strategy? This could be just what you need to watch those positive responses flow in! And if you need some extra help with your videos, we are just a phone call away!

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