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Viewernomics from Google

Video News & Views Viewernomics from Google The art and science of audience engagement   Views used to be a great way to measure the success of videos; now it's not enough! To succeed you need to need to think beyond the simple view towards engagement and action....

What is Brand Lift?

Video News & Views Understanding Brand Lift Brand Lift is a tool that many marketers are using to understand the impact of their video campaigns. The old way of measuring success for a video campaign was to put your video out there and after the campaign was complete...

Understanding Youtube Ad Targeting

Video News & Views Understanding Youtube Ad Targeting One of the best things about the YouTube advertising platform is the amount of targeting options open to brands. These have grown and grown over the last few years. Below we have outlined the targeting tools that...

“Ad Sequencing” for Google Video Ads

Video News & Views "Ad Sequencing" for Google Video Ads Seen in the wild is a new feature to allow you to sequence video ads. The 1st ad (known as the anchor ad) has been either "Viewed", "Impression" or "Skipped". Following this video, you can trigger follow up...

Live video and the power of NOW.

Live video provides a powerful way to connect with your audience. Here are some quick tips to help make your Live Video campaigns more succesful.

B2B Video Content to Double Within 12 Months

The good folks over at Vidyard have just released there Video Benchmark Report. The main theme? Video is still growing fast. Key findings from the 2018 report include: The creation of video in business is exploding: Creation is up 83% over...

New Video Marketing Tools From YouTube and Facebook

Cannes often sees the biggest players announce new updates to their platforms. This last week was no exception. I've extracted and summarised some of the biggest updates below. YouTube Video Experiments This is a new AdWords testing tool that...

P&G Digital Marketing

March Pritchard, Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer told the ANA conference in Florida that it is time to “disrupt this archaic ‘Mad Men’ model, and that agencies should strip away anything that doesn’t add to creative output. 


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