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Our Unique Approach

WVA was born from our experiences building the leading video network,


We have curated the best talent from this network and combined it with video experts and technology.

A global talent pool.

WVA has direct access to the Wooshii network. This provides you with over 13,000 creative, production and animation teams around the world.

We use this network to both massively reduce costs and production times whilst giving you a truly global production workforce.

Your video experts.

Our production teams work with you directly to ensure that your vision is delivered. Their key role is to ensure the smooth running and timely delivery of all productions.

All of our production teams have years of production experience and can also call on our Creative and Strategy teams when it comes to planning campaigns.

Powered by technology.

The Wooshii platform provides large savings for our clients. It comes packed with tools that allow us to work at distance, at scale and to keep our clients in the loop all the way through the production process.

We Believe ThaT

Talent is everywhere.

Scale should never compromise quality.

Video production should be effortless.

“You have no idea how nice this experience is. It’s been 2 years since I’ve seen a first cut that solid. The process and our ability to scale this out is magical “

Adam Ruxton

Head of Brand Marketing, Google

“The team, the videos all. A great result all round. Appreciate all the outstanding work you guys put in. Thank you”

Will Rogers

Head of Digital, Vocalink


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