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As the world turns video first, we help brands and companies centralise and scale video operations around the globe.

Capture video anywhere in the world.

WVA is built on top of our network and platform, Wooshii. Over 7 years we have built this network to over 13,000 production teams that allow you to produce anything, anywhere in the world.

“So happy with how this turned out with such a short turn around. Thank you.”

PROJECT: Two locations in China. Full production from shoot to edit.

Trusted quality.

Major brands from Microsoft to Unilever, Google to Virgin trust us to help them deliver video productions. We ensure that regardless of the volume and the nature of your videos, quality is never compromised.

“You really knocked this out of the park. Fantastic work thanks!”

PROJECT: Script, direction and edit.

Choice and scale.

Our model means we can produce any style of video. 2D to 3D, animation to live action, 360° video to social content. Our model allows us to ramp from 0’s to 000’s of videos quickly and easily.

“We’ve used Wooshii Video Agency for years now and the results are always spectacular.”

PROJECT: Motion graphics and edit.

Hassle free productions

Our in-house project and production managers can run every aspect of your production. From script editing to style guidelines, briefing to delivery.

“The team worked great and the results speak for themselves. ”

PROJECT: Creative treatment and production.

Do more with your budget.

Our model brings huge savings to our clients allowing them to produce more content at a greater scale.

“The ‘Urbantips’ campaign has surpassed all expectations. It has proved so successful. We couldn’t be happier.”

PROJECT: Multiple locations, shoot and edit.

your video marketing agency

Our network, technology and expertise provides you with a video solution to deliver world-class video campaigns and productions.



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we are different!

We are more than an agency or production company. Gone are bloated fees, layers of management, paying for award entries or expensive offices. Wooshii is a lean, agile operation dedicated to quality and efficiency. Our business is built on three pillars.

  • A global network.
  • In-house experts and a …
  • Technology platform to connect all the pieces.

Our network of thousands of production units across the globe gives you scale and choice. Our in-house experts make execution hassle free and our technology provides transparency and efficiency.


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